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The life we live in is turning to be stressful day in day out. Stress is unavoidable but that does not mean we should give it the power to cripple us down.

When we are stressed we resort to a lot of unhealthy doings that ends up stressing us more because the results are either you are gaining weight, being short tempered, on the road to having a lifestyle disease or adapting to irregular sleeping patterns. We need to develop positive habits to deal with stress and be more productive.
Here we go!

1. Have a to-do list
The list helps in proper planning. It helps you cultivate time management skills for effective productivity. It is advisable to make the list a day earlier so as not to forget anything and also to create room for adjustments. For your day to go on smoothly make sure you have a smooth morning too. Meaning you should prepare for the morning the night before i.e. outfits and what to pack for the day.

2. Take deep breathes
Take regular breaks from work. You do not have to leave your work station to do this. When you feel tired or you cannot figure something out; Stand up straight, take deep long breathes to get that lung work out that helps in normal blood flow which keeps the body calm and “opens” up the brain.

3. Set realistic expectations
We all want the best out of life and so sometimes we might put a lot on our shoulders that we cannot handle. Asking for overtime, extra work assignments or volunteering in so many clubs. All these activities might be beneficial for a CV or recommendations but they make us forget to spare some seconds for ourselves. We should learn not to over commit.

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4. Make a budget
Money is the major factor that contributes to stress. We either spend it irresponsibly or we are in dire need of it. To best manage both variables you need a budget. A budget nurtures proper financial planning skills and helps one save a whole lot more.

5. Healthy eating
A healthy meal plan is good for the brain. It must be followed with proper feeding habits. Avoid a lot of starch in your diet. Make sure you have a lot of proteins, vitamins and iron foods which are very helpful in brain building. They also help in proper blood circulation which helps keep the body calm and alert.

6. Healthy social relationships
Friends and family are very important in our lives. They are a breath of fresh air after a long day. Sometimes it’s good to hear other people’s problems. It helps you in forgetting yours but that is not the main reason for healthy social relationships. You should interact more with people who are kind to you and give you a listening ear when you need to vent. Talking about our problems and challenges to trusted confidants gives us a sense of sanity and makes it easier to figure out possible solutions to get by that challenge.

7. Sleep for 7hours tops
Sleep is very important. The body needs to reboot to get the energy to tackle the day ahead. Those who sleep for less than 4hours a day tend to be tired, angry and hungry the following day. Sleeping for 7hours straight all night through might be impossible to some and that is why you are encouraged to take naps instead during breaks.

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8. Take breaks from stressful moments
We all sense stressful situations which end up stressing us even before they take place. By now, you need to have formulated activities that would act as distractions. If at work, listen to music, play a game from your phone, update your diary and pour your heart out. When in a free environment you can head out for a walk, a run or invest time in your hobby.

9. Take a break from social media
Social media can be very stressful sometimes. Man has one flaw, stalking. We all want to know how our enemy, x, and competitor are going about with their life. Sometimes what we find out might be so overwhelming that it makes us downgrade ourselves. A break from social media is healthy as it helps you pay more attention to what is right in front of you without stressing on comparisons or what we are yet to achieve.

10. Positive reinforcements
We should aim at rewarding ourselves no matter how small the achievement is. People might not take notice of the achievement which might anger you but you do. This builds a positive attitude within us. Fuels the spirit of determination to achieve more in life.

11. Prepare contingency plans
We are advised to always have plan a’s and b’s and we take that as clichés. No really, you need to always create room for options. This way when plan A fails, you have a backup plan which will keep things running for the time being as you go back to the drawing board to get plan A up and running again.

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12. Aim at being a mentor
Offering advice to others and sharing about your life is psychologically healthy. Most of all it gives you perspective. They say an empty debe(can) makes most noise but really when you ‘empty’ your brain, you get to accommodate new content.

13. Exercise
Always set aside some time for you to work out. Exercises are the best stress reliever activities. You will end up feeling great, build your self-esteem and love yourself even more.

14. Learn to let go
The past always haunts us and the bitter truth is that we can never change the past. If there is something you are holding on, try to let it go. There is no need to stress over unchangeable situations. Do not cry over spilled milk. Focus on the present to achieve what is awaiting us in the future.

15. Smile
A smile a day keeps the doctor away. Even if you will fake that smile, it will make you a little happier. Come on, try it!


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