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APA Insurance online survey reveals the positive lessons learned from Covid-19


Starting a new business has been the biggest positive lesson learned by Kenyans during the Covid-19 pandemic according to a recent online survey by APA Insurance.

The survey from the ‘Never Say Never’ campaign indicates that a majority of Kenyans embraced an attitude of resourcefulness which has inspired out of the box thinking and the ability to adapt that entails starting a business.

“While we all wish 2020 as the new decade, had chosen a more humane mode to help us pause, the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to make do with what they have and to develop skills in doing more with less,” added Shah.

Other positive lessons learned include reconnecting with hobbies and finding time for family, to cherishing home-cooked meals. 

The ‘Never Say Never’ survey also highlighted that Coronavirus has taught the majority of people to appreciate the things they have including family, friends, and their health.

“Things that we never thought possible are happening and while we can’t control what’s happening in the world, we can, however, decide how we’ll react to what is going on, including what we choose to learn from our experiences, and the opportunities we seek out in the face of these changing and challenging times,” Shah noted.

APA Insurance, which is part of the Apollo Group, recently announced the new brand campaign, titled ‘Never Say Never.’

The campaign invited Kenyan’s to share their experiences on how Covid-19 has inspired them to think differently about their life since the pandemic.

The campaign aims to inspire positive opportunities, resourcefulness, and renew its brand promise to ensure happiness.

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“We are taking up the challenge to serve our client by living up to our brand promise and flipping the frowns right back up, as even the darkest cloud has a silver lining,” concluded Shah.

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