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First Churchill Show episode date: 2007
Presented by: Daniel Ndambuki
Production location: Nairobi
Director: Jblessing
Number of seasons: 6
Genres: Television comedy, Reality television, Entertainment
Churchill Show (formerly Churchill Live) is a Kenyan comedy show hosted by comedian Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki, that premiered on 2007 on the network NTV
Churchill Show will not be airing anymore on NTV, at least not before the 2018 World Cup winner is crowned. A Kwese-NTV partnership has denied fans of the popular weekly comedy show their dose of laughter.

In an effort to make it up for their die hard fans, Churchill AKA Daniel Ndambuki and Laugh Industry have promised to make their episodes live on YouTube and their other Social Media platforms.

Click the following links to watch the show at the normal airing time:

YouTube Channel

Facebook page

Twitter page

Facebook Comments

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