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How to define and establish your brand


A brand is a distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, or a name that companies use to identify their products from their rivals in the consumer’s mind.

While branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind.

There are some common brand names like safaricom, Coca-Cola among others. A Brand depends on the products the company is offering. It is also very important to know how to establish your brand and how to define it so that a lot of people may be aware of what the company represents.

There are different ways of establishing particular brands. They include;


Build fundamentals of your plan and ensure that you put the plans in place. Every brand has to be planned for. This will be very vital since when the foundation is weak or when one fails to lay a foundation in any work, it will definitely not succeed.

Again, look for unique features that will market your products or company. This way, your goal of reaching the target audience will be achieved.


Understand your core audiences which you target to reach. For example, if you have a large audience, ensure that you aim high and that the products you are producing are of high quality and the services you are offering are the best to maintain your audience. By so doing, you will have established your brand more. You can’t be everything to everyone, right?

When brand building, consider the exact target audience. You’ll tailor your mission and message to meet their specific needs. Remember that the main reason is to win your clients.

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It is wise to always have a specific target audience. This will be possible only if you understand their geographical and demographic factors like age, gender, location, among others.


Give your audience the story about your brand. For example, tell them for how long it has been in the market. This will make it possible for people to trust your brand. If the product has been in the market for many years and people still use it, then that is an assurance that most people trust it.

It is also important to do all that it takes, for example, giving offers to your customers in order to raise the market of that particular product. By so doing, the brand will completely be enhanced.

Determine your distribution channels by allowing people to learn more about your products. For example, if it is a new product, let people know where they can get that particular product.

Important, make the channel affordable to everyone within your target audience. Manage your team and tools that you are using to promote your brand. For example, the means you are using to communicate and make people know about that product:

Research brands within your industry niche. But You should never imitate exactly what the prominent brands are doing in your industry. But be aware of what they are good at or where they fail.

If you’re not careful, you can end up with a random assortment of voices and tones in the content produced across your marketing ecosystem that doesn’t provide a consistent picture of your brand, or even use the same language.

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You might be asking why a brand voice matters – isn’t it more important to work hard to make your brand sound more human? A brand voice, though, isn’t about the creation of a non-human voice.

It’s about being consistent with the voice you are creating – positioning yourself as an easily identified and authoritative source in your area of expertise.

Similarly, a consistent brand voice and vocabulary is essential to implementing localized content and intelligent content strategies effectively.

Finally, outline the key qualities & benefits your brand offers. There will always be brands with bigger budgets and more resources to command their industry.

Your products, services, and benefits belong solely to you. You have to write down deep and figure out what you offer, that no one else is offering.

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