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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is a service that specifically focuses on search engine optimization for ecommerce websites. Since Ecommerce websites generally feature more pages than a normal website due to the catalog of items available, Ecommerce SEO is a different type of service specifically for Ecommerce websites.

The service includes focuses on ensuring that each item’s page is optimized for search in order to display your items in search results as well as through shopping gateways like Google’s shopping search.

How can it affect my sales?

Ecommerce SEO directly affects your sales through attracting more potential customers to your website. By receiving more visitors from search engines to your website, you obtain more potential customers.

The potential customers that visit your website may also in turn purchase something from your website.

While there are many ways to drive traffic to your website, search engine optimization optimizes your website for specific search phrases that are relevant to the goods and services you provide, therefore you receive more relevant traffic. Receiving relevant traffic increases your chances for making a sale out of each visitor to your website.

When will I notice a change?

It generally takes between three to six months for search engine optimization efforts to become noticeable. During this time, performance usually grows as search engine rankings change to adjust to the relevance of the website based on new content, strategies put into place, and other aspects of your SEO strategy. The time it takes for each website to change in ranking can vary greatly.

How is this different from SEO?

Search engine optimization is a general strategy solution in order to drive more relevant traffic to your website. Ecommerce SEO on the other hand assumes that your website is an ecommerce website with a focus on products and services with a large catalog, therefore effort is put in to push individual product pages and to integrate your catalog into search engines that integrate shopping websites into their system. Engines like Google Shopping can search your catalog for pricing and relay information to those making their searches.

Ecommerce SEO Features

Technical Preparation

Our SEO professionals implement changes to assist in tracking, managing, and maintaining search engine optimization solutions for your ecommerce platform. In many cases, professionals work to adapt an existing website to a common ecommerce platform for a stronger SEO approach. Loading times are optimized and work is put into to ensure that the website validates in numerous standards, allowing for search engines to easily read the content of the website.

On Page Optimization

Strategies are applied to the infrastructure, content, and design of a website to ensure that the website is optimized for specific search strategies with chosen keywords in mind. A combination of other services can also be used to ensure that the website follows a specific strategy in order to ensure maximized relevant content for the target audience. General SEO strategies are applied with an ecommerce platform in mind.

Off Page Optimization

Your ecommerce website is submitted to many various online directories and social bookmarking websites. Link building campaigns are put into place with your products and services in mind for a strong catalog of incoming links at relevant websites. Targeted landing pages are used to ensure that individuals reaching your website are finding information relevant to them.

Furthermore, your website is also included in relevant local listings on the major search engines and through online shopping engines.

Reporting Methods

We provide numerous reports ranging from the progress of your search engine optimization campaign to your link building initiatives. We also generate reports on directory submissions and include access to Google analytics for traffic source information.

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