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You have created email automation. What now? You might ask.

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See, when it comes to online marketing, email automation is the new popular “buzz tool”, hence email marketing automation – which is as far reaching as none other online marketing tool.

In fact, statistics show that email automation is 40 times more effective than social media when it comes to online marketing, and with that level of consumer flow, you can’t take any chance to use email automation to manage your workflow lying down.

The good thing with email automation – apart from creating a closer relationship with your customers by maintaining effective communication and brand awareness – is that, it enables you to send emails to your customers at designated times after their trigger specific actions, which makes whole lots work easier.

And, before we get down to some of the usage ways of email automation, you might be bothered to ask what are some the compelling reasons as to why you should use email automation.

Here are some of its benefits

  1. Automating emails saves you a lot of time and money, because it provides higher returns for less time investment than writing manual emails. Automated emails can save you 80 percent of a direct mail budget.
  2. It can help you segment customer lists however you like; by gender, age, location, or other demographics you choose. The greater good for this that it helps you too to create more engaging email messages based on the customer groups.
  3. It enables you engage your customers and retain them because it provides a quick and easy way to keep in touch with customers and encourage them to make additional purchases.
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Those are some of the benefits that come with email automation as a digital online marketer.

Now, at this point, it is natural to ask, “How do I use email automation and milk it for all its worth?” There are various ways on how to use email automation effectively and enrich your business by generating online customer traffic.

Here are some of the effective usages of email automation

  • When a subscriber signs up for your email list, it is good to send a welcome message and let them know they have been added to the list and to give them a vague idea of what to expect from the future.
  • An automation is basically a series, so, if you provide some kind of online courses or tutorials, you can break them up into email series that are delivered over the course of a few days, weeks or months to your subscribers. This will have them hooked and if your content is good, they might as well recommend it to other potential customers.
  • Get personal with your customers, for example, you can send out yearly messages on someone’s birthday or some other type of anniversary to keep customers engaged. You can even send them presents in form of coupons. Though this is 100% dependent on your type of business.
  • Set up your email to send customers an email based on specific links clicked or material downloaded.
  • Send customers an email thanking them for their purchase and recommend additional products for them. Do follow ups after purchase.
  • Carrying out surveys is a tactic that allows you gain important feedback about the shopping experience and helps customers feel valued.
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Written and submitted by Derrick Mwangi.

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