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Facebook the Social Media giant hits the new high


Communication is arguably the lifeblood of our community development activity. Facebook is notably one of the greatest tool that assist in communication.

Asper the latest news, Facebook has officially marked a population of two billion monthly users which has rapidly risen from the previous population of one billion monthly users.

Interestingly, this remarkable move has taken less than five years as the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg stated early this week. Therefore, the above aspect is very important to all Facebook users as we embrace the rise.

I believe that it will now be very possible and easier to the Facebook community to make a notable progress of promoting peace, unity and feeding people with real news among other important messages.

This can only be made possible if we take the advantage and spread the positive information globally with the help of Facebook. Think of changing the mind of at least two young immoral minds, and we all do the same, then, the world will be made of right-minded people full of wisdom, big minds, an upright generation which will lead the nation in the future.

If you followed Mr. Mark Zuckerberg’s words well, he said that Facebook is connecting the world or rather, it’s bringing the world much closer together.

We too have a duty to build the community rather than destroying or watching it go down day by day with the useless content that we post on Facebook.

Cometo think of it, if the population of Facebook monthly users has risen to roughly 51 times that of California as reports say, how far then will the message you post on Facebook go?

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Remember the way you communicate reveals everything about you. Words are the clothes your thoughts wear. If you decide to post hate speech, use vulgar language and other messages which will stir up conflicts among communities and nations, you will be accountable, and this time, globally.

How about communicating skillfully? It sounds interesting. Right? For sure, it is because, skillful communicators work miracles through their message while those who just communicate, just get by. Do not post information for the sake of it. Do me a favour now. Just check on what you have just fed your Facebook account with or what you have just posted.. Is it a disturbing live – streamed video or a disturbing picture?

Have you fed people with fake news? Or is it about your emotions trying to target a specific person? Now ask yourself whether that information is helpful. It is so unfortunate to hear that Facebook has been criticized for a long time due to the wrong usage of the site. I don’t think that we are being fair to the Facebook developer. My friends, let’s change our way of thinking and be skillful in the way we communicate especially on Facebook.

As the Facebook new mission focuses on building communities (largerly through Facebook groups) rather than only connecting individuals to each other, let us arise support this by providing the Facebook groups with brilliant ideas and wise messages.

Thinkingbig of how the world or our nations will grow through our innovative growth suggestions. Thanks to the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who stated his vision of providing people a voice, to get a diversity of opinions out there, and building a common ground so we can move forward together. So, we have a great opportunity to view our great ideas to assist in unifying all nations worldwide.

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Just as the great author Anthony Robbin puts it, ‘to effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with each other’.

Let’s join hands to always spread the positive messages because unity is strength.

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