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First experience at the Kenyan Coast

It’s a common saying that “the first time to everything is special.” Well, this totally was! Mission #tembeakenya. I got to visit a setting that is every writers’ dream. Some peace, quiet, warmth and beauty. The sunrise at 6am…

One can never get used to such a view every morning. The warm breeze calls for meditation. One disappearing into their element in search of their qi. I would leave the shores at 7am feeling happy, filled with a lot of compassion and internal energy ready to conquer what the day had to offer. The resort has a well-planned schedule of activities to do throughout the day like zumba, water-polo, volleyball, gym sessions and night entertainment at the amphitheater. To be honest, the night entertainment and the beach was all I was interested in hahaha…

The entertainment featured various cultures like Hindu, Arab and African. The dancers would change from genre to genre; ballet, jazz, dance and disco. What caught my eye the most was the raw presentation of the Maasai dance. We often see their performances but mostly not with the original Maasai’s. This, was from the Maasai people themselves. One word, fierce.

The second they stepped on stage, they commanded for that attention and utter silence. Their costumes and motions went hand in hand with the song they were presenting. The energy that oozed from the stamping of their feet after the jump, the ululations and the neck motions left the audience dumbfounded. It’s no surprise it’s the only surviving tribe that its culture draws in a large number of tourists. It’s a proud, respected and disciplined tribe whose artworks and dance moves is everybody’s cup of tea.

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The beach activities that included scuba diving, jet skiing, sight-seeing of the reef and the fish was just unbelievable. The ocean had a lot to offer and you cannot get enough of it; beauty presenting itself from all kinds of directions, from the colorful fish to the sight of the coral reef right below the ocean. I told you it was special. No words can begin to explain this moment. Everyone on the boat was silent during this moment because even ‘wow!’ was an understatement. The fierce waves hitting the rocks by the shore was like a wakeup call to always be alert as anything might get thrown right at me and I must be ready to handle it.

I felt empowered by how the vast space broadened and opened up my thinking to bigger and bolder projects. Being in the presence of such large mass of water made me feel like the world was calling me to its greatness.

The sunset at 6:45pm, a breathe taking view that was the hardest to say goodbye to. I do hope I never fall into amnesia because the memories I have from Baobab, are precious. Thank you Kenya for being so outstandingly beautiful.

By: Angela Hinga.

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