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Grow Your Brand with Geolocation Marketing


Ensuring your content resonates with consumers is impossible if your brand is sending out generic messaging.   To reach the right target audience, you have to tailor your creative and distribute your ad content in an intentional, strategic way that includes leveraging location based targeting.   Sprout All Star and Social Media and Reputation Management professional, Jeff Higgins, joined us to discuss geolocation marketing and how brands can reach the right audience, in the right location, at the right time.  

Use Location Based Targeting to Narrow Down Your Audience

If you’re looking to target a demographic in a particular location, it’s pertinent that you maximize your efforts with geolocation marketing.   By using location based targeting you can tap into the most applicable customer and better meet them along their path to purchase.  

Target Content to Reach the Right Audience

It’s important to understand your overall business goals and audience, but particularly important to target your content to the right audience.   When setting up campaigns, if applicable try to target to specific locale that is relevant to your business.   Cation based marketing can be particularly helpful for those in retail as well as for live events such as sports tournaments and conferences.  

Turn to Facebook Advertising for Robust Geolocation Tools

Facebook advertising offers a variety of location based targeting tactics. This is particularly helpful for local businesses such as restaurants or retail establishments.  

Grow Your Brand With Targeted Content

Spending a little more time crafting tailored messages gives you a bigger bang for your buck. For instance, Facebook allows brands to create lookalike audiences in advertising, consisting of people who have behaviors similar to your existing audience. This allows you to test and gauge content performance more accurately.  

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Geomarketing Will Continue to Be a Staple in Advertisement

As geolocation marketing becomes more prominent, generic advertising will become something of the past.   Audience’s will expect to see tailored advertising meant just for their needs and that includes hyper-localized content.        

by Vera Flores, #SproutChat

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