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Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders gives anyone from managers to executives an unparalleled opportunity to do just that. John Baldoni explores the communication styles of many of the world's most

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Perfect communicators will always shine in everything they do. They understand well when to keep their mouth shut and when to talk. Talking only when it’s necessary for them to do so. Our desire for leadership can only be attained through the following  great communication secrets.


Great communicators are always confident within themselves. They obviously have the knowledge  to connect with others. Something about communication is that it requires you to be solid in a discussion and align within yourself to the point that you are able to hear and desire to understand the opinion of others without interruption.


Learning to be yourself at all times should lead you into  an awesome communicator. We  have witnessed a lot of people who shift like a chameleon to be the person they consider fitting for every occasion. This only  reveals how weak they are in communicating. Great communicators are principled and are independent.


Never let your ego drain your character if you need to have the best communication skills. Always ensure that you replace it with  empathy. Being kind to all people regardless  of who they are and the background they come from. Understanding this point helps in turning anger into respect and doubt into trust.


Those who understand well the art of communicators are very aware on when to dial it up, dial it down and dial  it  off. They never interrupt others when they are talking. Again, they don’t make it sound like a lecture or a monologue These people do involve others, listen, respect and appreciate their opinions

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When communicating, I advise you to be specific. This calls for clarity in your statements. Never give room for ambiguity. Ensure you are simple, clear and concise. This will ever make you shine all the way. Making sense in your points  should be key.


Being sincere in your communication will always be the cornerstone for making a statement. Talk with a lot of sincerity so people can tryst you. Remember that there is no way you can win people’s trust if they are  not convinced.


Be sure to mind your unspoken language since it counts when communication comes in. Actions speaks more louder than words. Being careful with your posture and the voice can be a perfect deal in becoming the best communicator or leader.


Come up with good skills on how to ask questions. This is the most perfectway of communication. Having the best of these skills of asking and listening carefully to the responses is a huge and an effectivefactor.


To ensure that you effectively communicate, be able  to not only gather and  take in information but also concentrate on transferring ideas, inspiring others and spreading their vision to the other people around the world.


With all the above points, go and apply everything and be sure to become a great leader in the society.

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