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King Kaka on why his house help’s son looks like him

King Kaka

The contemporary world has boxed humanity into a niche that renders the obvious to be more apparent than natural. If we say it is globalization with its social media and civilization as its offspring and offshoots then we would be more cogent than convincing. But must we convince on the obvious?

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The ancient world seemed to be more reserved and more cautious on matters sexuality. Sexual matters were left as issues to be discussed in the surreptitiousness of the dark night. In fact, if the night wasn’t dark enough, then even the most intimate of couples wouldn’t want to couple but to postpone it for another darker night. The mere mentioning of “mjulus” and the nunus” – the indispensable tools of trade in this art of coupling, would nearly earn the victim a toss-out – be ostracized from the community.
But that was then! The fashionable discussion in the social media nowadays is premised on how much one can bombard the world with the fact surrounding the mjulus and nunus – sexing up the world and sexualizing every other issue is the trend and the only known name of the game.

Sex in the mammalian kingdom is the only vehicle through which procreation can occur. That’s the reason why undertones would do the round if a neighbors kid looks the exert copy of a notorious sex peddler. These kinds of undertones have been aggravated by the presence of the social media. The catch-up to this may be King Kaka’s house help’s son. The issue has been trending in the social media to the assertion that the lad looks so much like King Kaka. In probing the biological facts, the netizens seems to want to tell the world that they know a fact or two about gene transfer that often results to the likeness of such magnitude. They aver that King Kaka’s mjulus might have enjoyed a conducive environment in his house help’s nunus to realize such a progeny.

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But appearing on Kalendu Musimi’s show in Mpasho Live, King Kaka denied he still has got no canal knowledge of the house help even though they have stayed together under one roof for long. He explained that this kid who was born eight years ago takes after him as a result of nurture as opposed to nature which the netizens want us to believe. He asserted that the kid gets the same treatment as the one he gives his biological son: same hair style, same clothing, same food and same everything. Though geneticists agree that nurture is one way through character traits could be passed to a population, the sure one that brings indisputable semblance is through DNA transfer in coupling.

So, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck; then it’s a duck: wait for the DNA finger-printing and subsequent matching to ascertain the nature over nurture.

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