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As a lady, you are usually faced with the daunting task of keeping up with trends. Whether it’s your eyes, lips, brows or even your whole face (for the extremely blessed girls out there) for once I can proudly say, I got you covered on this!

So kicking the hottest and latest 2017 hit-make-up trends is (drum rolls)


The latest and undiscovered lip trend is the




With this look you have to be really careful with the hues and color textures or lipstick color you choose. Don’t go too crazy mixing two totally contrasting and dangerous colors as you might be cooking up a recipe of total disaster, do your homework on the colors that do match before trying on this look.

Next we have…

Ombre lips.

this one is a personal favorite! If you have not seen the buzz about this on youtube and social media then you are clearly blind. The best part about this lipstick look is that it gives you a bold powerful look and the illusion of fuller lips.

Of course you can use foundation or powder if you lack concealer.

Dark lips.

This is most often contradicted and frowned upon as most women think black make-up makes them look…like a traditional healer, well it’s just that we often think that to achieve dark lips you have to use black lipstick. It is understandable if you can’t use black lipstick as we all have different skin colors. So how about a dark red, dark purple or dark brown. Go with what suits you best and brings you out.

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On to our next section we move to the Eyebrows. Unfortunately nothing has changed much here as ladies tend to shape their eye-brows according to the facial structure then proceed to filling them out, so for a new way to fill out your brows you can try the Feather brows. This new craze was started by Stella.S make-up and I must say it’s for the daring ones. Not my cup of tea but definitely a look I would try when going out with my friends to a club or just basically partying.


#3. Eyes




So apart from the eyes being the windows to the soul, they also happen to be among the top 5 things a guy notices about a girl at first sight.


Topping our eye trend (excluding the forever trending cat-eye) is,

Aqua-colors and the secret to this is investing in the perfect eye-shadow.

And the best part is this with an ombre-lip or dark lip gives you an exotic or diva look.



Lastly we have heard of contouring but this time thanks to Kim Kardashian, we have Strobing. This is a new way of illuminating parts of your face like the T-zone , eyes or cheekbones. You can opt for this if you’re having a celebration like a wedding, baby shower or photo-shoot  which will need your skin to glow all day as this technique is mostly used by models. Please stress out on the word technique, before you try this it would be best to watch  a couple youtube tutorials to be on the safe side. I don’t want you walking out there looking like a monkey. It would also be wise to invest on a great blending brush or sponge.

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Other than that, we are at a time of the year where the weather is having mood-swings and you tend to get out of the house with your full-coverage and by the time its afternoon and the weather is rainy your face is falling apart. Hence the many memes on how ladies only care about their hair or FACE when it is raining therefore the trending full-coverage make-up look is believe it or not the No-Makeup-Makeup look. This actually involves make-up but instead of full-coverage you opt for minimal foundation to give you a natural look.


To wrap this up, you do not need to follow trends to be stylish or eccentric. What works on different people on social media or on the internet may not work on you. Make-up should not be used to hide beauty; there should not be a drastic change such that you cannot be recognized as the same person without make-up. As Bobbi Brown once said, ‘I believe all women are pretty without make-up, and can be pretty powerful with the right make-up.’ So don’t always be quick to follow trends…set your own and make sure they are pretty extreme so that next time I write about latest make-up trends in 2018 yours will be among them.

By Laura Were.













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