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Life of a Kenyan photojournalist a dream come true


By Tabitha Wanjiku Nene

I believe we all have dreams and the desire to achieve them. Unfortunately, most of  us miss the mark along the way  especially when we are faced with challenges. We forget that, a dream doesn’t become a reality through magic: it takes sweat, determination and hard work. This is what makes a difference between those who live to  make their dreams a reality and those who give up in fulfilling them.Mr. Greenspan Dulo, a well known photojournalist freelancer based in Nairobi is  a great inspiration who believes in himself and goes for what he loves.


If you happen to have a conversation  with  this man, you will definitely realize something special  in him.He is a man of few words but his work is incredible. Or is it a rule that every photographer must follow? I can confidently connect his character to the saying that, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.


His long journey of  becoming a photojournalist began way back in form two. Amazingly, his passion drove him into purchasing a camera which he would take photographs of students during break times,  school occasions and outings and would make good money out of this.


In the last seven years as a freelance photojournalist Mr.Greenspan Dulo has been creating dynamic and compelling images. He understands his camera settings too well that he doesn’t need to edit the images. Nikon camerawhich he prefers has assisted him all through. Also, using Vibrant Reduction (VR) lens has greatly assisted in getting stable and sharp images.The outdoor photography and natural photos completes the beauty in his work.

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Through credibility in his work, ability and skills, Mr.Greenspan Dulo  has attracted many renowned artists and celebrities within the country and in East Africa  Community like Akothee and Diamond Platinumz, who have used some of his work. Again, his experience and exposure in photojournalism has taken him places and has had a great opportunity to meet both local and International leaders, making him a role model and an icon in the photography industry.


This man offers us a wonderful lesson which most of us may not be aware of.. When you achieve  your dream, you should not stop at that point but think of making it bigger. Even after achieving so much in his career, he has a dream of having his own studio in five years to come. Despite many challenges like payment issues and copyright protection issues, he has not been shaken but always see the positive side and learns from them,helping him to be stronger.


Mr. Greenspan Dulo challenges the under developed Kenya photography industry and encourages people to take photography as a career since there is so much potential in it. It is through it that he is so great  today.


Some of the great men Mr. Dullo has interacted with.


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