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Makcee Oscar KyeniTv Gospel Alert Show host

As Television channels continue to emerge every heartbeat of a clock, so does low quality programs that erode the foundation of our cultural values to feed the competing industry. But here, with us, is Makcee Oscar. A female TV presenter whose show ‘Gospel Alert’– which she co-hosts with DJ Kenyan – has chosen a different path of shaping the moral values of the society, creating a voice for the upcoming artists and at the same time weaving her viewers into Christ.

Here is what keeps her wheels greased.

Who is Makcee Oscar?

Is a girl that finds smile the most beautiful thing in her, and loves to do it. She is also a girl that, no matter the circumstance, remains strong in a way that amazes her.

Why Makcee Oscar?

Makcee is simply ‘Mercy’, and Oscar is my dad’s first name. It’s a dad-daughter-thing (laughs), which makes the whole thing look and sound so special and unique.

Tell us about Gospel Alert. What is it about?

Gospel Alert was born out of necessity and reflection. For a long time, gospel industry has continued to be overlooked in the media industry, and easily dismissed with a phrase ‘It won’t fetch a lot of audience’ on the business side of it, hence paving way for entertainment to rule the airwaves. However, that is not the absolute truth, and the whole situation can be changed if given another angle of perception.

And that’s where Gospel Alert comes in.

Not necessarily to prove otherwise, but for two reasons. One being to alert people and educate them on what is happening in the gospel industry and the ministry at large, and the other being to shine a ray of hope to the upcoming gospel artists and ministers in the gospel industry.

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Basically, the idea right off the bat is to show people that there is a lot to look up for in the gospel industry and live up for at the same time.

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome as a TV presenter so far?

When I started, I was extremely shy– you should have seen my first show(Laughs). I don’t know if it had anything to do with my age, or it’s because of that stage fright that comes with facing the camera, but I was very shy. The other one was that I was afraid of being seen in public.

You know, there is that perfectionism that people create on TV presenters that they are supposed to act and behave in some extraordinary type of way. That kept my adrenaline antennae alert all the time.

But I have outgrown those two mother of challenges now, which I can probably credit to the experience I have had so far.

What’s your mission?

To keep on growing and doing mighty things. And at the same time mentor and win souls to Christ

Who inspires you?

Julie Gichuru played a big role in bringing me to the screen. I loved and admired the way she anchored news. In fact, I wanted to be a news anchor when I grow up, but now look what I turned (Laughs) – but it is never too late though.

The other person who inspires me most is Kambua, she is always so original whenever she is in front of the camera.

What do you think should be done to surface talented TV presenters like you hidden in the society?

I believe people should be given a chance (just as I was)and be mentored too – without taking advantage of them for such platforms.

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What time does your show premier and on which channel?

Every Sunday 10:30 AM – 1 PM on Kyeni TV, Startimes, GOtv and Zuku Channel 55.

For those who would wish to walk in your shoe, what do you tell them?

Always believe in yourself and keep your dignity tight to the core.

All time quote?

Yes you can – IMPOSSIBLE means I’M POSSIBLE.


We wish Makcee Oscar and DJ Kenyan all the best in their show Gospel Alert as they continue offering us a fountain where we can drink gospel from.

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