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Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to the concept of placing paid ads into the search results of major search engines like Google and Bing. We offer “Pay Per Click” advertisements at your preferred placement among other results and pay a fee for every single visitor that clicks on your ad based on a set price.<

Do I need PPC?

Many services will not benefit from Pay Per Click services as they require a steady budget for marketing in order to be able to start. Since advertisements are bid on by a per-click basis, the price per click could become high for highly competitive keywords. For instance, the keyword “SEO company” can be an expensive keyword for every click that is received, therefore you need to have a dedicated budget based on how much traffic you’re hoping to bring to your website.

If you’re able to dedicate a steady budget for your marketing initiatives, pay per click management might be the correct route for your company. However, it is important to also know that the PPC prices set on a continual basis can rise and fall on the importance of a keyword and the competitiveness. Therefore, it is important to understand that your cost for a keyword may rise or fall.

In short; if you’re able to dedicate your budget towards relevant traffic, it may be worth it to start a pay per click campaign. Pay per click management is a good solution to obtaining traffic for keywords that are highly competitive in search engine optimization services.

What can SEO.IN do for me?

As a service provider, we can provide quality pay per click management services. Our goal is to create an effective pay per click management campaign for your company to help you grow. We are a full service pay per click management provider and can assist with the entire setup, execution, and management of your PPC campaign.

PPC Services

Account Setup

Our pay per click team begins a competitive analysis to better understand what competitors in the industry are focusing on pay per click management, which competitors are the most invested, and which keywords are the highest focus. This helps us understand where to start, how much it will cost to efficiently place your company in the spotlight, and our recommendations for where you need to be with your PPC campaign.

We create effective ads that target your potential customers. Our ads are tailored depending on your customer’s needs and expectations.

Google analytics is integrated into your website and landing pages in order to effectively track the progress of your PPC campaigns, how much traffic is coming in from PPC efforts, and how many people are staying and who are leaving. Google Analytics is a strong platform for traffic analysis for pay per click campaigns.

Landing page optimization is performed in order to create a strong page that your visitors will reach first giving them the most important information first. Each landing page can be tailored for a specific advertisement based on the keywords to increase your conversion rates.

Keyword research is performed to better understand which keywords to focus on and which are critical to the success of a pay per click management campaign. We also identify less competitive keywords that can be crucial to your financial success as well.

Maintenance and Support

Bid management services provide our customers with the opportunity to allow us to handle their bidding and management of their pay per click services through set rules and guidelines on which keywords to buy and how much to spend. We focus on optimizing your PPC budget to increase your conversion rates and revenues.

A/B multivariate testing provides us with the opportunity to test different versions of a single landing page to determine which styles and designs are the most effective for your customers. As new designs are made based on persisting effective designs, a more effective landing page can be obtained.

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