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Schools have closed and kids are at home driving you crazy. The young one smearing Vaseline to the older one’s hair, both dropping and breaking this and that and you are there wondering as a parent, “When will schools open?” Ok I get it, but what if you ask yourself, “How can I make them profitable?

Here is the thing, kids are usually very rich in ideas and imagination – something that to us adults, seems to go down with age (unfortunately). You can take advantage of those two supreme gifts, and make your kid’s holiday both enjoyable and profitable by finding them activities that they can do and get money from.

I will share with you some of the business ideas that I feel are both workable and profitable, and that do not need a lot of capital to start. It is never too early to be an entrepreneur remember. In fact the earlier the better.

Party planning

Kids know how to have fun. So having them plan a party, goes without saying that they will bring all their creativity in it in order to have a beautiful and enjoyable party. If your kids are good at party planning, you can hook them up with your neighbors, family and friends and get paid to plan their parties.


There is no doubt that some kids are smarter than others, and if your kids fall in the bracket of the smart ones. Don’t feel shy to arrange them a class where they can tutor their friends at a certain fee.


Clothes, shoes, utensils and all households’ items keep on being replaced with new ones day in day out. You can help set a secondhand store for your and ask them to collect secondhand stuffs from their neighbors and friends and sell them from the store.

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Face Painter

You can provide your kids with the necessary materials to face paint their friends for a charge in the neighborhood.

Car Washing

Outside your home compound, you can create a space big enough for a car wash and set a business for your kids. They need not to go far, just your neighbor’s cars and friends when they come to visit.

Interior Designing

Kids have a very good taste for colors. They don’t need to convince themselves whether something is beautiful or not – if it is beautiful it is beautiful, no in between. For that reason, kids can be very helpful when interiorly designing a home or offices and you can hook them up with professionals and get paid for it.

Dance Teacher

You say my kids are always up and down, jumping from this couch to the second one and to the floor dancing, and you are like, “My kids are crazy”. No they are not. Help them set a class and provide dancing lessons to their friends at a fee.

Computer Setup Provider

Your neighbor bought a computer yesterday, and he plus everyone else in his house, has no the faintest idea where to press to get something done. On the other hand, your kid is busy warming his chair playing with his computer that he has had since he was a boy. Just be wise and create an avenue for him to help others fix tech problems and earn something from his services.

Elderly Care Provider

Use the tenderness, love and caring of your kids help the elderly in running errands and doing chores for them at a fee. It is a good thing to keep your kids occupied and doing something constructive.

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Food Grower

The backyard of your home can be a goldmine for you and your kids. Don’t let go to waste and help your kids grow some food plants to sell to local consumers of farmers or similar venues.


You can teach your kids how to do proper gardening and then help them sell their services to your neighbors and friends whose gardens have been forsaken.

Advertising Products

Social media has taken over our kids, and they are getting thousands and millions of followers by just being themselves. Since there is foreseeable time when social will puke them out, let us help them get advertisers to advertise in their social accounts and earn some money.

Soap Making

Soap is probably one of the easiest chemical product to come up with at home. You can assist your kids in producing soap and selling it to your neighbors and friends.

Organizing Events

Kids who have passion in organizing and creating events can be assisted to organize events of their own and charge money for, or better of can teamed up with sponsors for great events.

Fashion designer

If you notice your kid has an eye for fashion, help them come with different designs that they can sell to their friends and if possible online.

Cooking and Baking

Your kid has an undying passion for cooking and baking delicious foodstuffs that never go beyond any ones mouth in the house. Don’t let that passion die in the house, show it to the world and allow your kids to participate in cooking and baking competitions around the world. Plus they also sell them their friends in the neighborhood.

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You have an artistic kids that leaves their beautiful smack on the refrigerator and knitted clothes on the floor everywhere. Help them create an online platform where they can show their elegant works to the world and probably earn some coins from interested buyers.

Lemonade seller

Lemonade stands are no doubt the most popular businesses for kids because, they do not require much capital to start but also can be set easily outside the gate of your home for passersby. Help them come up with new lemonade products for sale.


Kids are a fountain for different and exciting ideas that if shared to the world, can make this world a better place than we they found. Open for them a blog (since it is not 1970 anymore) where they can post their content and hopefully they can earn money from interested content buyers or even advertisers.

Chores Servicing

Chores like laundry, washing the dishes and yard cleanup can be a rich business opportunity for kids who can offer to take care of those services at a certain fee.

I believe with those kind of business ideas, you can now stop worrying how to keep your kids doing something constructive during the long holidays. Just keep them engaged and keep tab of their progress and hopefully they can themselves some buy to buy gifts and presents for themselves and their friends. All the best in your new endeavor.

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