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How To Find The Right Event Management company


In Kenya we have many events companies coming up, choosing the one to serve you best in any of your upcoming event can be hectic.

Some of the events commonly held in Nairobi and other parts of the country are marketing and promotion of products and services, client orientation, staff recreation, corporate training programs, exhibitions and simply a learning event affair amid many other important occasions.
Organizing for an event can be overwhelming. You need to make invitations, source for vendors and suppliers and select the venue, entertainment and caterer. It might be impossible to handle all these tasks efficiently and in a timely manner.
Hiring an event management company is the solution to your event organizing problems.

So, how do I know the best fit for me? Prior to hiring the event management company, make the following considerations so as to make an informed selection.

1. Your outsourcing needs

Event management in Kenya is popular and on the rise. But, do you really need it? And why do you need it? The first thing you ought to do before hiring an event management company is to define your needs, wants and expectations. For example, will you need vendor support and production, venue selection and preparation, logistics and budget management?
Keep in mind that not all companies offer all the services. Ensure that the company you select provides most of the services you require and is able to partner with others to provide what they don’t have.

2. Budget

You need to hire services that are within your budget. Even though event professionals bring cost-saving skills to the process, the cost of hiring them should be reasonable.
Choose a company with strong negotiation power with vendors and supplier so as to cut out on expenses. They should also offer creative options for décor, lighting and traffic flow to bring the cost to a minimum.

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3. Experience

If you need a perfectly organized event, you might need to hire a well experienced company. Such a company has, most likely, organized a similar event in the past. This way, they can be able to advice you on the best options to consider.
They have contacts of the best entertainment providers and the excellent caterers in town. They probably will have precedence in cases where a venue has multiple bookings.

4. Certification

The easiest way to feel comfortable with a company is to understand its certification. You want to know the academic qualification of the employees. Do they have relevant skills and knowledge in this field?
The company also needs to be properly licensed by relevant authorities in the events industry to ensure professional qualifications and ethics.

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5. Reputation

Besides paper qualifications, you need to be sure of the event’s management company reputation. Do they pick calls promptly? Are they punctual for meetings? Time is a critical factor when managing an event. You do not want to waste time waiting for your event manager as this might mean loss of great opportunities.
Ensure that they have proper communication skills. Every aspect of the process should be communicated adequately.
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