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It is the dream of every person to become wealthy and successful in life. We so much admire those who are great investors. Unfortunately, we fail to follow every step that they followed to achieve.

All we need to know is how easy we can get cash forgetting that we must sweat. If you ask Jack Ma, one of the wealthiest men in the whole world, the founder and C.E.O of Alibaba in China, has got a great history which explains clearly the tips to a successful life.

Before starting something, you must be able to plan for it. Having excellent strategies on how you are going to do whatever you wish. Having a strong foundation will make it possible to achieve success.Mr. Jack Ma started from somewhere. This man understands well that, a dream without a plan is just a wish. He is wealthy today since he is smart when it comes to planning. If a plan lacks, failure is a guarantee.

If you love something, you will always find a way of achieving it. Many people today fail due to lack of passion. This involves sacrifice, focus, determination and so on. You must show the world that you so much love what you do. Focus and being principled will always stand out when one is passionate about something. Jack Ma’s  speeches are always out of love for what he does. He finds it possible to reach out to a lot of people just to share of his rags-to-riches life.

Jack Ma’s story is a great inspiration. Before his success, he faced a lot of rejection when trying to look for a job. You can imagine being rejected from dozens of jobs.Going for interviews and out of 25 people, 24 get accepted and only him left out. This was one among many other jobs. But he is a strong man who sees positivity in every setback. He got used to them and moved on, making the best out of this.

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A very long journey starts with a single step. Jack Ma does not come from a wealthy background. His parents were poor from a communist China. This did not stop him from taking the step of dreaming big. Coming up with a big company, Alibaba, was not a one day achievement. He started small taking baby steps until his dream became a reality. You don’t have to rush my friend, be still and strong, your day is coming.

It must start from having a good name. Learn to assist others and respect them. From your customers to your employees and the whole society. Let people trust you because of what you offer and your ability to be honest and faithful to them. Remember, a good name is better than a big name. Jack Ma says that what he gets is not wealth but trust from people. Establishing a mutual understanding with the society is one way of attaining your goal.

This is a challenge to most of us who hire people who are weaker than us. This man is different. He believes that if you hire people with superior skills than you, they will be able to make creative innovations. He didn’t have a good knowledge of using computers but he learns from the employees. You should always be a student, ready to learn from anyone who has got a creative mind. This is what makes Jack Ma stand out in many ways. After learning, you make positive changes to your business everyday.

It doesn’t matter the challenges you go  through trying to make ends meet. Learn to enjoy every moment with all the energy you have. Remember that money is not happiness, it’s responsibility. You are broke today, but if you keep your dream alive and stay focused, you will definitely become victorious. Jack Ma learnt from his past experiences, enjoyed every disappointment and today, he enjoys the fruits of his labour.

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If you wish to be a successful business person ever, make your team happy. Understand well who should be the first priority. Jack Ma advises us to make clients number one since they will love your products and buy. Employees becomes number two. They will be able to make reasonable decisions that will move the company forward. Shareholders should be the number three . Always aim at having frequent conversations with your clients more than shareholders.

In every challenge, take advantage and make a positive out of the hard times. Whenever people complain, that is an opportunity to make a positive change. For Jack Ma, this has really helped him in achieving all he has today.

Giving up should be a song of fools.. Winners never quit. Even if it will mean crawling, please do, but never stop dreaming and working hard towards achieving. This strong man, Jack Ma faced rejection from a dozen of jobs, he failed his entrance exams to college twice. But kept on trying till he passed. Be strong enough to face every challenge and conquer all. Never expect connections in this life. Let your ability and determination fight for you. After all, only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.





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