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Meet 30 creators and celebs over 30 rocking it on TikTok in Kenya

Known for viral trends and iconic memes, TikTok has been loved by many as a place where spreading joy and information goes beyond age. Whether it’s quick educational videos you’re looking for or fun tips on how to get involved in the latest viral challenge, TikTok is an all-inclusive platform where adults can come as well to not only express themselves creatively but to be their authentic selves.

Still think that TikTok is for teenagers only? Keep reading!

The below list is a mix of 30 TikTok celebs and creators, all over the age of 30, who constantly remind us that TikTok is a place where everyone belongs. Check out their profiles to find educational and entertaining videos that you won’t be able to get enough of.

1.                Terence Creative

Terence Creative has fashioned most of his fun content around a famous character, ‘Kamami’, a Swahili word loosely translated to describe a local Kenyan lady. He also plays hilarious skits most Kenyans can easily relate to.

2.                Teacher Wanjiku

She is among Kenya’s top stand-up female comedians in the country. She has mastered the art of creating short, witty skits about everyday encounters. Teacher Wanjiku is also famous for pulling out-of-the-box classic classroom skits.

3.                Brenda Wairimu 

This sassy actress shows her prowess by leveraging the platform’s incredible features like the duets function and funny face filters which all take her content to the next level.

4.                Diana Marua

Diana brings the reality TV experience to TikTok and her fans love it! Her content is always so engaging and occasionally uses fun in-app features like duets and smirk filters to give it that extra punch. She also enjoys jumping on the latest challenges.

5.                Wahu Kagwi

This Kenyan singer-songwriter and former fashion model is a household name in Kenya. Wahu Kagwi does random but funny content mostly about her family, portraying roles as a wife and mother.

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6.                Guardian Angel Global

The Radar hitmaker, Guardianangelglobal, describes himself as the music doctor of TikTok. he uses the platform as the best prescription of dancehall and afro rap gospel music while providing inspirational messages to his fans.

7.                Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan is one of the most famous actresses in Kenya. She was notable for her role in one of Kenya’s most-watched TV comedy-drama, Tahidi High, as well as The Wedding Show, which both appeared on local television. She has fashioned her content on sharing positive vibes as she enjoys a good time on the platform.

8.                Gilad

To those who may not be aware, Gilad – the “Unajua” hitmaker – was a former deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya. Over the years, he has won many hearts on TikTok for his music and is considered a rising African pop star.

9.                Terryanne Chebet

A renowned media personality and aspiring chef, Terryanne has grown her personal brand over the years to become one of Kenya’s most beloved digital influencers. You’ll find her sharing fun, short videos that celebrate local brands, or just having a good time.

10.             Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri is a Swahili TV presenter. On TikTok, you’ll find her jumping into challenges but with a Swahili twist. She loves to use the creative effects in-app to take her videos to the next level.

11.             CollinsInjera

Known for his achievements with Kenyan national rugby sevens team, Collins Injera uses TikTok to showcase the comic side of his life. On his profile, you’ll find loads of short and funny skits.

12.             Theavieway

One of Kenya’s top female artists, Avril, is famous on the platform for showcasing her acting skills as well as participating in fun duets and lip-syncs.

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13.             Adelle Onyango

The social activist and media personality always have a good time on TikTok, creating fun videos with friends and her partner. Adelle Onyango is also a fan of trending TikTok challenges.

14.             Betty Kyalo

This fun-loving creator can always be seen taking part in viral challenges, dance trends, and anything else that allows her to display her infectious smile.

15.             Rufftone 

Rufftone, a renowned gospel musician, recently joined TikTok to spread the good word. The ‘Mwikulu’ hitmaker loves to use the platform to connect with his followers.

16.             KateActress

Kate is an award-winning actress, popularly known as the “Celina and Kate actress”. She has brought her acting skills on the platform and regularly shares short bites of fun, comedy skits.

17.             ShixKapiengaKe

This media personality and actress loves to flow with skits and dance moves on TikTok. Most importantly, Shixkapiengake enjoys having a good time and connecting with her followers on the platform.

18.             Makokha.Makacha

Makokha is one of Kenya’s most fabulous actors who stands the test of time. He brings his classic comedy to the platform which Kenyans know from when television was a key platform to his young, tech-savvy following.

19.             PinkyGhelani

This radio personality can’t resist the TikTok wave. From Pinky’s videos, you can tell she’s loving every second of being on the platform.

20.             SimonKabu

The CEO and Founder of ‎Bonfire Adventures is on TikTok! Simon enjoys pulling old school dance moves from classical local and vernacular songs and sharing it with his followers.

21.             Thuo.Carol

If you want to see the reflection of a society in funny clips, then you need to follow Thuo.Carol. She is a meme creator on TikTok.

22.             Shallot-Wendy

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Shallot describes herself as another dope girl from Kenya. It’s all glows in her content as she aims to spread only happiness and positive vibes.

23.             Chadotagee

She has branded herself as the CEO of Gengetone and a scrub nurse who is very passionate about children. Chadotagee shares inspiring posts about her family, relationship tips, and daily funny things that people do.

24.             Alex Mathenge

This comedian cop brings a lot of comic relief to his followers from the uniformed forces. Alex spices up his content by portraying himself as a fun-loving police officer.

25.             Amario.Solian

Amario believes TikTok is a platform for serious fun. While she loves to upload interesting content, she also makes sure to hop onto fun challenges where she can and uses effects to level up her content.

26.             Lovely Mama

If you’re looking for tasty content, look no further. Lovely Mama is all about sharing her culinary skills to give followers tips on making different dishes. She loves to express the fun side of making food.

27.             Jackie.Nyoks

If you want to see memes taken to the next level, then you need to follow Jackie.nyoks. The way she adds lip-syncing to her meme videos is so much fun!


Follow Alvan for your daily dose of typical Kenyan humour that is relatable to the masses. The former reality TV star does not disappoint.

29.             Just.Ivy

Just Ivy is a fun millennial twin mum who posts crazy stuff that comes to her mind on the platform.

30.             Ahadilizz

What’s TikTok for? It’s for enjoying and creating fun content. That’s at least how Ahadilizz sees it. She loves to take part in challenges and encourages her followers to come to the platform to just have fun.

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