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Raila Odinga Knows How To Play His Game with Finesse


Below are thoughts of one Ndungu Nyoro who is the manager of Ndungu Nyoro Charity Network as expressed on his facebook wall:

I must say I admire Raila Odinga. He’s a political genius. He knows how to play his game with finesse.

Yesterday we woke up to the news that NASA has kicked out JIMMY WANJIGI from their core team. We were told Jimmy is no longer needed in the camp.

That’s not true. JIMMY is the oxygen within NASA. Without him they can’t exist politically. And everyone including Raila know that.

The information was released to keep us talking as he crafted something behind the scenes.

Raila was again quoted threatening IEBC for not consulting him over elections date. He even sent a detailed letter over the same.

Everyone including the President fell in his trap. We got talking about election date as we swore to protect the INDEPENDENCE of IEBC. We were fooled.

Raila knows no one has to consult him over elections date. Raila made us believe he is not ready for elections, but on the contrary he’s more than ready.

Last elections he was keen in the happenings of the IEBC server and whatnot. That’s why he always talks of the late CHRIS MUSANDO with lots of anger and bitterness.

Something happened yesterday evening. As everyone was bashing Raila over elections date and raila’s lack of preparedness, CHEBUKATI QUIETLY announced formation of a new team to manage upcoming election.

He called it PROJECT TEAM.

But it’s not the project team that’s important to Raila. No. It’s not about the sending home of CHILO-BAE. No.

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Having CHRIS MUSANDO’s docket managed by his HOMEBOY is all that mattered in this election. He will have free access and perhaps control the outcome of the roundtwo elections.

The appointment of ALBERT GOGO as HEAD OF ICT is all that mattered to Raila and NASA team. They had to take Kenyans on a wild goose chase as they laid the trap. The SIAYA man is going to be very useful in NASA’s agenda.

Jubilee never saw this coming. And with their overconfidence that they have numbers, they fell in the trap.

Raila has JUDICIARY to his side. He has CIVIL SOCIETY. He has MAINSTREAM MEDIA. He has COTU, KNUT, KMPDU, nurses Union and all major Unions. He has ETHNIC LEADERS from across the country.

Now he has the engine of IEBC.

And you still ask why he’s so confident of strong finish this time round?

SUPREME COURT was told to redeem itself. It’s everyone’s favorite now. Perhaps it’s chebukati’s chance?

And just like that there will be no more attacks of IEBC by NASA.

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