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Over 300 delegates will be meeting in Nairobi next month to discuss valuation and innovation around the administration of investment transactions for mid-level Pan African business owners and investors. The two-day conference organized by Upcountry Africa Fund Asset

The two-day conference organized by Upcountry Africa Fund Asset (Canada) Corp is aimed at educating while providing useful data points to drive the agenda of value addition, enhanced growth, and strategies
to launch conglomerates that build a business case for the African renaissance.

The delegates will also discuss corruption, Illicit trade, espionage international trade policies using a Circular Sustainable Economy Model through digital tokenized asset management tools. Speaking ahead of the conference, Upcountry Africa Fund Chief Executive Officer Njeri Rionge said the conference was timely especially with Africa being poised to become the hub of investment with high return value on the part of investors.

She noted that it was imperative that efforts to mitigate risks that compound the banking infrastructure, agricultural sector, while shielding investors, that investment valuations are benchmarked in respective
countries to achieve maximum value impact after review of the value propositions is carried out.

“The financial sector saw four banks collapse in Kenya in one year and we also saw a few integrity issues addressed in some ministries. The conference will look to address some of these factors using technology. The conference is the marketplace assessment tool and process to gather critical information and share knowledge about the value of the digital assets, tokenized assets, smart contracts and potential of the use of a single digital currency for Africa,” Ms. Rionge said.

The conference will be held on the 21st – 22nd November 2019 at the Trademark Hotel in Nairobi and will be attended by delegates drawn from various sectors such as: Technology, Trade and Asset Finance, Insurance, Renewable energy and Agribusiness.

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Some of the key speakers expected at the conference include Mr. Jonathan Hope, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of Key Chain, Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Professor at The University of Nairobi, Dr. Olutuyin Oyelande Founding Partner at InvCap, Jacob Maaga Founder and CEO at PANEX Exchange, and Titus Ngatia CEO, Effortless Insight Africa amongst

Meanwhile, Ms. Rionge was a panelist at the World Trade Organization (WTO) last week at the launching session for The Future of Services Trade Report 2019.

‘’The Report showed that by looking more closely at services delivered by a company that has an office or subsidiary in a foreign country, services is significantly larger than was previously projected. In fact, when this “commercial presence” is accounted for, trade in services was actually worth US$ 13.3 trillion in 2017 – therefore accounting for a share of overall global trade 20 percentage points higher than traditionally estimated.

On average services trade has grown 5.4 percent per year since 2005, which is faster than trade in goods, at 4.6 percent on average. Distribution services and financial services are the most traded services globally, accounting for almost one-fifth of trade in services each, followed by telecommunications, audio-visual and computer services, which together account for 13.2 percent.

Trade in other sectors, such as educational, health, and environmental services, although currently relatively small, is rising rapidly.’’ she said
Developing countries’ share of global services trade has grown by more than 10 percentage points since 2005, reaching 25 percent of world services exports and 34.4 percent of world services imports in 2017.

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However, services trade is concentrated, with the same five developing economies ranking both as leading services exporters and importers. Together these five economies accounted for more than 50 percent of developing countries’ services trade”.

The Founder and CEO of KASI Insight, Mr. Yannick Lefang said there is a need for a new kind of investment in Africa, a framework built around trust, partnership, and innovation. With the Africa continental free trade zone, innovations in banking and finance and the rise of the African
diaspora, this conference represents a big milestone in bringing about circular sustainable economies in Africa.

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