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Another Kenyan up for Oscar Awards



A talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individuals from the successful ones is a lot of hard work. Judy Kibinge is an evident of that person who has achieved a lot through hard work in trying to develop her talent.

From her inspiring story, it is clear that success does not come from what you do occasionally but what you do persistently. She has made kenya proud again by scoring first with Oscar awards. She is one of the 774 people invited to join the club this year.

Kibinge was deliriously excited after receiving the great news as she was ‘chilling’ with her friend, Nicolar Shepherd after she invited her in her place, Chebeaugue Island in Maines U.S.A.

Appearing in the list of this year’s Oscar awards is something to be proud of as Kenyans since she is one of us. To her, it was an honour to appear in the list and she couldn’t help but express her joy on her Facebook page.

“Blink! Blink! What a list. Honoured!” She posted. This is enough reason to conclude that it got her by surprise and she was the happiest queen. Ofcourse when one succeeds in something, it is normal for one to feel on top of the world.

This news came after an invitation to join the Oscar Academy, which is known as the elite and the most prestigious film awards in the world.

As we all know the story of the first and the only Kenyan lady to win an Oscar as the best supporting actress in the 2013 film, 12 years of slave, this is the second time that Kenya should rejoice and appreciate the talents that these young souls have. It is amazing how Lupita Nyong’o dedicated all her energy and time utilizing her talent.

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Even after winning, Lupita still went an extra mile and developed her talent through various ways. In 2014, she played an air hostess, a space pirate in the 2015 Star Wars Film, she was also nominated for Tony award for best Broadway actress in a play called ‘Eclipsed’ last year.

Interestingly, a decade before Lupita broke through in her debut film role to win an Oscar, another beautiful Kenyan lady, Judy Kibinge was just joining the film directing game (with dangerous affair in 2002).

When expressing her talent, Kibinge understands well that while talent is cheap, dedication is expensive and will cost her life. This amazing lady has been so dedicated in utilizing her God given talent.

She has worked with McCann Erickson’s as creative director for eight years, she has been a producer and once or twice script a number of films as follows:

Starting with Aftermath(written by reclusive Andia Kisia) in 2003, popular project Daddy, then Bless this Land, coming of Age in 2008 Peace Wanted Alive, then the Great Killer Necklace, which won her a Kalasha Award in 2010, Tinga Tinga Tails the next year and in 2013, something necessary that was screened at the Tolonto International.
Failure does not exist in her dictionary.

Just a couple of years ago, Kibinge’s interesting documentary, ‘Wangalla’- talking about a massacre made headlines in history as well as getting money from Ford Foundation to found Docubox. Through her commitment, she has made news again this year. .But this wouldn’t have been possible if not for all the noise black hollywood elites made.

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Some years back, no person of colour would be nominated in the Oscar awards. Thanks to Jada- Pinkett Smith and the likes. #Oscar So White, the millitant black film elite dabbed the ceremony and boycotted it. This led to the Who’s Who Gatekeepers of these Hollywood awards opening gates of judging to more women and more people of colour, and the creative Judy got a breakthrough of joining the Oscar Academy through this.

Remember, she still concentrates with her studies in the University of Maine besides her talent. The awesome 50 year old Kibinge has a family and a career back home. She toils and moils at night during weekdays trying to catch up with her studies. She does not retire to bed early for she is so committed in everything she does.

Weekends are the best days for her. Partying, travelling with good people of Maine University and adventure seems to excite her during these days.

According to her narration, she will Soon have to be watching a whole year’s worth of films too to decide who is the next year’s Lupita.



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