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What are the major components of a marketing strategy? What is the effective marketing? What is the marketing strategy? What makes up a good marketing strategy?

It is becoming harder and harder standing out in the sea of digital marketing competitors. And one question that pops when coming up with a marketing strategy is how to stand out in today’s crowded digital marketing place?

And which, as result, compels us to ask ourselves, what are the ingredients of a successful digital marketing strategy? Having in mind that the key is to develop a customer focused digital marketing strategy.

Well, today, I will take you through the key elements that must never lack in your marketing strategy, which in effect will help you exhaust the available advertising online platforms and use your set budget effectively.

Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience needs, pains and interests is a key component to your marketing strategy, because it is until you show them that whatever you are marketing is what they need, in order to grasp their attention.

In all cases, your audience influences the decision you make and the manner in which you conduct your business.

Engage the Consumer

Today’s consumer is very intelligent and gets bored very easily since there is a lot of competition. He or she knows the answers they are looking for, and your job as a digital marketer is to get them those answers and keep on exciting them whenever they visit your website, if you want to grab their attention.

How you get to know the answers they are looking for is very simple, you just have to engage them responsively in your website.

Engaging with your audience and visitors not only make them feel welcomed, but also part and parcel of your business.

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It provides them with a sense of belonging and a place they can identify themselves with.

Have a good website

I believe that an effective digital marketing strategy revolves around having a really good reputed website, because all the other elements points back your website.

The website is the backbone of an effective digital marketing strategy. And therefore, it should be mobile friendly and visitors engaging.

Have a well-coordinated website with the blog, thank you messages, email campaigns and comment boxes among other aspects of a website, working cohesively in order to provide answers to your audience.


Clear Call to Action

What I mean by call to action is, come up with something that draws the user to converge to your content. For example, you can come up with a phrase reading “…click here to learn more…” or “…click here to view the image…”

It has to be something that draws them deeper into your content.

Measured Search Campaigns

Monitor your search engine campaign optimization to prevent your budget from skyrocketing. And as you may know, there are tons of metrics available that you can use to track and analyze search engines.

And because sometimes it gets confusing when choosing which metric to use, I will suggest to you five highly recommended metrics that will give you the most bang of your buck; Quality Score, Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Cost Per Conversion and Wasted Spend.

Social Media

The world is living in social media right now, or at least that is where it is headed to – to say the least. And, no matter the size of your business, social media can play a key role in terms of building brand awareness, providing industry authority, driving targeted traffic and providing great customer care.

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Make use of social media because, it is one of the greatest form of product promotion.



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