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Human Rights Defender Awards 2017 Call For Nomination

Human Rights Defenders Awards Kenya 2017

Working Group on Human Rights Defenders that comprise of CSOs and development partners in Kenya, concerned with the protection of human is organizing 2017 Human Rights Defenders Awards.The event that will be held on 29th November 2017- International Human Rights Defenders day -is designed to publicly celebrate and award the exceptional people of valor who put their lives at risk and advocate with deep commitment for human rights, dignity of all people and democracy in the face of government oppression.

For far too long, Human Rights Defenders and Civil Society organizations in Kenya has continued to be undermined, with range of actions thrown against their unrelenting work of healing the nation wounds, transcending the walls of barriers in quest for justice, facing adversity while others turn their backs and diluting power concentrated to a few individuals.

It is therefore with that regard that the aforementioned groupis calling upon you (a call widely circulated by National Coalition of Human Rights Defender Kenya, RoyalTrendia and other partners) to nominate Human Right Defender of your choice whom you think and feel has represented the voiceless majority to the core.

And as a result help it honorthem with great admiration, to encourage them continue fighting the good fight of liberating the Kenyan people from the unforgiving hands of self-centered politicians, especially in a time like this of election 2017.

The awards will be in three categories:

  • The Munir Mazrui Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The Human Right Defender of the year
  • The award for young and upcoming Human Right Defender of the year
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Here are the characteristics to consider when deciding on Human Right Defender to nominate for the awards as outlined by the event organizers.

  • Grassroots based Human Right Defender
  • Demonstrable impact of the HRDs human rights work to the community
  • The role of the Human Right Defender in his/her human rights work
  • Contribution to development of a human rights based approach within his/her county in regards to the thematic area of focus
  • ‘Civil courage’ pf the Human Right Defender in his/her human rights work
  • Future goals and likely impact
  • Degree of difficulty of the achievement and sacrifices made
  • Visibility derived from award to enhance work of Human Right Defender to promote human rights and active citizenship
  • The Human Right Defender should have a link to the community and his/her work should have built or working towards building a movement
  • The Human Right Defender should be a seasoned or upcoming in the human rights field


The grand prize for all the winners will be a cash award of $ 1000, a plaque with the respective name on it and a guest invitation during 2018 Human Right Awards ceremony.

All nomination forms should be sent to the NCHRD-K via with a subject line “HRD AWARD NOMINATION” by 27 October at 12.00 pm

Download the nomination Form from here: HRD AWARDS 2017 NOMINATION FORM.

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