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Dr. Abdiqani Sheikh Omar Hassan Biography

Abdiqani Sheikh Omar Hassan is a doctor and the Government Director General with extensive experience in Public Health, Humanitarian, and Gender Equality sectors in Somalia.

In addition to this, he is an advocate for human and gender rights and a generous social worker. Having worked as the Director General for the Ministry of Women and Human Rights, and the Ministry of Health and Human Service, he has a list of significant achievements under his name.

With an impressive academic, research, and publication record, he possesses a set of interpersonal, communication, networking, decision-making, and negotiation skills that complement his commitment
to on-going professional development. He is an inspirational leader and a true team player who knows how to build and motivate successful teams.

Dr. Abdiqani has a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Benadir University and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Kampala University. Masters in international Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid from KALU Institute.

Dr Abdiqan also holds Master of Business Administration in USIU-Africa. He holds a diploma of Human Resource Management from Dima College, Kenya and a qualifying post-graduate diploma of Malaria Program Planning and Management from Tehran University.

He also holds multiple certificates in Political Science and Public Administration, Strategic Management & Leadership, and Policy Planning and Implementation. He has spent several years in academia indulged in the perusal of many educational resources, which has proved to broaden his horizon and has made for an ongoing learning process.

Dr. Abdiqani has been offering his services in the medical and public health industry for over 10 years. He first started off as an Assistant Coordinator in the National Refugee Commission back in 2007.

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From there, he gradually climbed up the professional career ladder by working as an Executive Director at the Somali Young Doctors Association, a Research Fellow at the Somali Medical Research Institute, a National Malaria Director at the Ministry of Health, and offering consultancy services as a technical advisor and survey coordinator for the Malaria Program in Somalia.

It was only after earning 7 years worth of valuable experience in different institutes and getting his skills polished that he was appointed as a Director General in the Ministry of Health and Human Service in 2014.

He very tactfully dealt with the devising and implementing of policies of the Ministry of Health, and the routine operations of the public health system. Under his 2-year leadership tenure, the Ministry of Health and Human Service grew magnanimously.

Some of the successful operations under his belt include the Somali Health Policy, National Strategic Plan for HIV/ AIDS, National Reproductive Health
Strategy, Somali Drug Policy, Somali Nutrition Strategy, Development of Joint Health and Nutrition Program, and Somali EPI Policy. Not only this, he successfully improved the Donor relationship and developed the financial management capacity for the Ministry.

Later in 2016, Dr. Abdiqani’s focus shifted – but only partially – to working for women and human rights. As a Director General in the Ministry of Women and Human Rights, he served to bring some revolutionary changes in the Ministry. Not only did he supervised the team to develop the Human
Resource Manual, Financial Management Manual, Human Resource Mapping, Gender Mainstreaming, and Human Right Commission Road Map but also introduced the culture of local and international training to enhance the staff capacity-building process. He also came up with and presented the Sexual Offense Bill to the cabinet ministers.

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As a supporter of women rights, he adopted the National Gender Policy and Female Genital Mutilation Policy and presented it to the cabinet ministers for approval. He also managed to get the Human Right Commission Bill signed by the Somali President. In tenure, as short as 1 year, he successfully managed to change the human and women rights game in Somalia for good.

His love and passion for medical research lead him to work as the Director of Somali Medical Research Institute for the past one year. Serving humanity being his aim from day one, he also makes time to provide voluntary health and counselling services to people of his community.

International Conferences and Meetings Dr. Abdiqani has attended a number of international conferences tapping on various aspects of global
issues, such as public health and gender equality.

Some of the international conferences, meetings, and workshops that he has attended include the Global Public Health International Conference held in Malaysia, a thematic workshop on Monitoring, Reporting, Fact-finding, and Investigating in Armed Conflict conducted in Switzerland, the World Health Summit Conference in Germany, the Africa Health Summit in Senegal, the Sixth Inter-country Meeting of National Malaria Programme Managers from HANMAT and PIAM-NET countries in Cairo, and the 1 st OIC Ministerial Conference on Marriage and Family Institution and Preservation of Its Values in Saudi Arabia.

Among other prominent international appearances, he was on a high-level Japanese panel discussing on Precision Medicine and Population Health. He was also appointed as a key speaker for a conference on Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting in Finland.

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In addition to international conferences and meetings, Dr. Abdiqani has attended many workshops, training sessions, courses, and programs focusing on niches like health, nutrition, medical illnesses, gender equality, humanitarian laws, and management and leadership, on both national and international levels.

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