In the world of digital marketing, there is a seemingly infinite supply of people who refer to themselves as “social media strategists.” They have a Twitter account with a blurry header image and a bio that describes their love for cats and coffee. However, when you scroll through their feed you have hard time getting a sense of their direction or focus.

The best digital marketers are the ones who have been in the trenches. They have turned themselves into influencers and built an audience around the knowledge they share. They aren’t the ones reading articles about best practices—they’re the ones writing them.

One influencer who knows this as well as anyone is Brian D. Evans,Inc. 500 entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the digital publication Influencive. He has been on both sides of the equation, building a successful digital-marketing agency and also establishing himself as a thought leader and influencer with millions of followers and readers across his personal accounts and brand. Evans set out to bring some of the biggest influencers together to give people real insight into what it takes to utilize social media effectively.

“My theory is that without us (the influencers, content creators, etc.), social media would essentially be dead. Most people are curators. Curators share the popular articles, they retweet the viral videos, they take what they find helpful or entertaining and give that to their audience. But they aren’t the ones actually creating things of true value,” said Evans.

Evans, who has been called “the influencer of influencers,” has brought together a team of influencers who have each climbed their way to the top in a unique and unconventional way.

One of these is Nathan Allen Pirtle, who is not only a huge social media influencer in his own right but also builds social media accounts for A-listers. The team also includes A-list film producer Daniel Wagner, top online writers, TED speakers, award-winning authors, intuitive coaches and a plethora of other people who literally influence (or directly control) a large portion of the Internet.